Who we are

17 years of leadership in real estate sector

Welcome to Star Builders & Developers, where we've been making homes and dreams come true for over 20 years! We love Palghar Taluka, and it's been at the center of more than 20 of our cool projects.

Guess what? We've built over 2000 flats, row houses, and shops in places like Naigaon, Vasai, Virar, Saphale, Dekhale, and Palghar. That's a lot of places where people get to call home!

we've been the leaders in making awesome homes. We really care about making things excellent, trying new ideas, and making sure everyone who chooses us is super happy. Our journey has been like a cool adventure, full of success, change, and trust.

We're so proud of what we've done, and we're excited to keep making the future of homes even better. Join us as we continue our journey, bringing passion and happiness to every new chapter!





Our Mission

To be the most trusted name in real estate globally

At Star Builders and Developers, we want to make awesome places where people love to live and work. We promise to build top-notch homes and offices that make everyone happy. We believe in being honest, doing our best, and making sure our customers are always smiling. Our goal is to make a real difference in how people experience their homes and communities.

Our vision

We believe that we are enablers of people's dreams

Looking ahead, we want to be the superstars of changing how we live and build things. We dream of creating homes and spaces that are better than anyone could imagine. We'll keep being creative, using cool ideas, and caring about the planet. Our big dream is that whenever someone sees a building by us, they'll know it's a special place, made with lots of love and care.


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